neoga, illinois

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This is an approximation of the memorial's placement in the southwest corner of Jennings Park.  Top of the image is north.

Neoga Veterans Memorial Park

Design by Robert  J McMullen

Model of the design made by Pyramid Marble & Granite, Effingham, IL. The Veteran's Memorial model is on display at  The City of Neoga, 533 Chestnut Ave, Neoga.     

Veterans memorial Park Design

Shown in the image below is the design drawing of the Neoga Veterans Memorial Park which is planned to be placed in the southwest corner in Jennings Park.  Placed along a meandering path through the park will be four upright granite tablets, which will list the names of all known Neoga community veterans. In the center circular plaza is a dedication monument and a sitting area.  Parking areas will be at either end of the path.  The hope is for members of the community to take time to look over the names and to reflect on the service rendered by those whose names are listed.

The design takes into account future tablets for additional names.  It is also the goal for the memorial to sufficiently endowed so that it will be properly maintained for future needs.

Pyramid Marble and Granite of Effingham IL has been selected by the  committee as the contractor for the memorial fabrication and installation.  It is the committee's hope that some of the things needed to complete the memorial could  be achieved by volunteer help and material donations.

If you wish to become involved in the process please go to the Donation/Involvement page.