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Neoga Veterans Memorial Park

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Questions and Answers

Neoga Veteran's Memorial Park

Who is the group that is developing the Veterans Memorial Park and why?

Neoga Partnership for Progress is a community organization with 2 goal groups.  The beautification group's goal is to improve the appearance of the Neoga community.  

Nearly all the neighboring communities have a Veterans' Memorial with Neoga being one of the last communities to undertake the effort to honor our veterans.  The group decided to undertake this project as part of the group's goal and to give a fitting and honorable memorial to the community's veterans.

Where did the design come from?

The concept of the veterans' memorial has been in the works for a number of years.  Once the committee was formed the group undertook the project, and the design process gained momentum.  Some group members had surveyed area memorials prior to the project adoption.  After meeting with the committee and getting their input and examining several more veterans' memorial projects in other communities volunteer design advisor Robert McMullen gave the group information on siting, possible costs, and several concept designs to choose from.  They decided to adopt the concept design shown on the design page and chose a location in Jennings Park for its site.

Why is the Veterans Memorial being located in Jennings Park?

After discussing design, the group thought a quiet park setting was fitting for the memorial.  Other sites considered, though more centrally located, had noise, traffic and safety issues that would detract from the memorial.  Discussions were held with the Neoga Park District board about locating the memorial park in Jennings Park.  After several months of discussing possible locations and the ramifications, there was an agreement to locate it in the southwest corner of Jennings Park.  One of the issues with the existing memorials was maintenance, and with its location in the Jennings Park, the park district will be able to properly maintain the memorial park.


How much will it cost and where will the funds come from?

The estimated total cost of the Memorial Park is $80,000.  It will be funded by cash donations, fundraising events, possible donation of materials and labor and grants.  No local tax monies will be used in the project.

​Whose names will be on the Memorial?

Any Neoga area veteran's name may be submitted for inscription on the Memorial tablets.   

What will happen with the existing Veterans Memorials?

Part of the committee's goal is to establish an endowment as part of the memorial development to make sure that there are funds to take care of the memorial park well into the future and to make sure the existing memorials are maintained and enhanced.

How can I help?

If you wish to donate or become involved in the Veterans Memorial Park project you may do so here.