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Neoga Veterans Memorial Park

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Donation & Involvement

How you can help us realize our Goal.

Currently our estimated goal is around $80,000 for the project.  The committee consistently holds fundraising events, and we will gladly accept monetary, material and labor donations to achieve our goal. As of October 2016  we have raised over $80,000 toward the goal.  We thank you for your support.  

If you wish to give a monetary donation, checks may be mailed to the City of Neoga offices at the following address:  City of Neoga, Neoga Veterans Memorial Fund, PO Box 248, Neoga, IL 62447.  Make the check out to Neoga Veterans Memorial. If you wish to donate materials, labor or for any other questions contact:  Diana Foor at  895-3237

We also welcome your involvement in Neoga Partnership for Progress (NPP).  

The committee meets every third Thursday at the City building at 6:30 pm.

 If you have questions you may call Mrs. Foor at the number listed above.

Upcoming fundraising events:

  None planned at this time

Funds will go toward the construction of the Veterans' Memorial Park.

Thank you